We believe the UK music industry is a crucially important cultural and creative industry on a global scale that is uniquely placed to communicate the urgency of climate change. 

Culture and music bring people together. Therefore, the industry has the power and responsibility to be a proactive leader in driving climate change action. 

But first the industry must address its own environmental issues and commit to aligning itself with emission reduction targets.  According to researchers, the UK music industry is responsible for around 540,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Since December 2016, over 1,800 local governments in 33 countries have made climate emergency declarations. In the UK, 149 local authorities have set a target of zero carbon emissions by 2030. This number includes the licensing authorities for each of the five best-attended UK outdoor festivals: Glastonbury, Download, Reading/ Leeds, V Festival and Creamfields. Unless industry emissions are dramatically and continually reduced, future licenses may not be granted. 

Given the current social atmosphere, the positive impacts of cultural events are arguably more important than ever.  The challenge therefore is to educate and mobilise the industry into making the cultural and operational changes needed to make the shift towards a low carbon industry. 

To achieve this, the industry needs more opportunities for people and employees to learn more about the climate crisis and what they can do about it. 

ClimateEQ has been created to address that need. It provides a space for knowledge sharing, to promote new innovative business ideas, and to offer support for industry climate champions, so they are not acting in isolation.  

Despite increasing levels of awareness about climate change and its impacts, the music industry has been hesitant to take action. 

We want to help bridge the gap between awareness and action, by providing people with the ability and motivation to reduce emissions within the industry, on an individual, community and organisational level. 

According to UK Music there are approx. 190,000 people working within the music industry in a variety of roles and disciplines. Our mission is to ensure every one of them is offered the chance to become Carbon Literate.

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