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  • Carbon Literacy Essentials


  • Climate change science 


  • Future Projections and Critical Thresholds


  • Historical Perspectives and Scientific Evidence


  • Global Policy and Climate Context


  • Personal Impact and Collective Action


  • Sector-Specific Challenges & Innovations


  • Organisational Approach


  • Networking for Change 


  • Action Planning and Pledges


£155 per person (plus booking fee)

Accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project and delivered by certified trainers

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Check out our Net Zero Training course 

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"ClimateEQ's Carbon Literacy course is a major climate communicator tool, enhancing knowledge at every stage of your sustainable journey. It shows a clear evolutionary path of climate change, the crisis, and the hope, while demystifying the Carbon Jargon."

Jamal Chalabi – Head of A Greener Tour @ A Greener Future

Sustainability Training and Consultancy

Discounted pricing options are available for group orders. Contact us to find out more.

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