About Us

ClimateEQ was founded by James Dove in Jan 2021. James has been a grassroots musician for the best part of 20 years and has a background in marketing and operations within the music industry. He is an active environmentalist and was keen to explore ways in which music could be used to promote environmental action. 

After gaining his certification from the Carbon Literacy Project in Sept 2020, he saw the opportunity to develop the very first accredited Carbon Literacy training course for the music industry. 

The name ClimateEQ was chosen because EQ is used within music to manipulate its frequency content, to ensure everything is balanced and clear. The principles of EQ (less is more, subtract before you add) have parallels with how society needs to change if we are to avoid the worst possible outcomes of climate change. 

We believe the UK music industry can become a climate leader due to its unique cultural influence, both nationally and internationally. But it must first ensure its own commitments are aligned with emission reduction targets. 

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